ADOX FOTOIMPEX, in Germany, has recently come out with a new scala-type film as a replacement for SCALA200x - ADOX-SCALA-160 - ADOX SCALA-160

dr5-FILM is the only lab WORLD-WIDE That specializes in reversal B&W-slide Processing. We process the remaining SCALA-film, foma-R & and the new ADOX SCALA 160. For over 20 years we have specialized in processing B&W slides. For over 20 years we have produced high-quality B&W transparency from MOST-ALL B&W films.  

dr5-FILM is an art SERVICE FOR B&W REVERSAL PROCESSING. We the only service of it's kind WORLD-WIDE. No one processes SCALA, the new ADOX SCALA 160, or B&W-slides from 20+ other films better than us.

New film titled "ADOX SCALA160 ". The result in dr5 is 'very-good', almost better than the original SCALA-200x. @160iso dmax IS @3.11 It's dr5-tonal range is that between SCALAx & FP4. Ei range of 25~400iso. Shadow detail is extreem, even at night. It holds bright details very well.


Black&White Slide Film

ADOX SCALA 160 is a black and white reversal film intended for reversal processing. This is not a negative film which could be reversal processed rather it has been designed especially for this purpose.

If ADOX SCALA 160 is reversal porcessed optimal exposure shall be set to 160 ASA.

ADOX SCALA 160 is coated onto a clear triacetate base and features an increased silver content (in comparison to a negative film) thus it yields a DMAX of 3,6 and higher (depending on the reversal process used).

ADOX SCALA 160 has an anti halation layer inbetween the emulsion and the base for optimal scharpness and detail contrast.


SCALA is coated onto 120 micron clear Triacetate


  • 35mm film 135/36

DX-Coding: Because ADOX films do not have a DX code please set the cameras lighmeter manually to 160 ASA.

Reciprocity failure:
Between 1/10.000 and 1/2 s no adjustement is necessary
From 1s of exposure time: +1/2
From 10s of exposure time: +1
From 100s of exposure time: +

ADOX SCALA 160: In the US & Germany, this film can be purchased here, here or here

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